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Tape Transfers
We transfer Cassette tapes, Reel to Reels, Videotapes, and Records to digital disc. Tapes deteriorate over time. Restore your old recordings and transfer to long lasting digital discs for you and your family to enjoy.

We have been in the recording business since 1990 and transferred hundreds of recordings for many happy customers.

For specific information on any of our services please e-mail or give us a call at (928) 634-0220.
How it Works:
Our simple mail-in / mail-return process makes it easy to preserve and share those memories. Print out the Order form below and mail it to us with your recordings. We'll do the transfers and send your new discs and original recordings back to you.
  If you're in the Cornville AZ area you're welcome to bring your media to the studio.
  Call 928-634-0220 for appointment.

  When we receive your recordings we'll notify you by e-mail or phone.
  (our usual  turnaround time is 3 - 5 days)

(Cassette tape - $15) (VHS Videotape - $20)

(LP Record - $15) (45 & 78 Record - $8)

Reel to Reel tapes are priced by diameter in inches -
(5" - $30) (7" - $60) (10" - $75)

Additional CD or DVD copies - $4 each.

Convert audio to MP3 files - $4 per tape, record or reel.

Add digital titles to audio CDs or MP3s - $4 per disc

Repair broken tape - $8

Audio Restoration: Breathe new life into old recordings.
  Reduces tape hiss and noise, amplifies & enhances sound quality - $10 per tape or record.

All transfers include master disc & disc sleeve. Track separation if needed.
There's no minimum order. Only one tape or record?....... we can do it.
Payment Options:
  We keep it simple by accepting checks when you send your recordings to us.
If you prefer to pay online, select "Online Payment" after you fill out the order form or you can call us with credit card info over the phone.

If you are not able to print the order form, give us a call and we'll mail one to you. (928) 634-0220

  We are committed to ensuring that you are happy with your transfers. Please call us if you have any questions and if we can't fix it you'll get your money back guaranteed.


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